Jan 252013

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Welcome to the home of New Hampshire High School Ski Jumping. While there are a variety of ski jumping programs around the country, particularly in former Olympic cities, New Hampshire is the ONLY state in the country that offers Nordic Ski Jumping as a high school sport.

This site was started in January 2013, with a goal of providing a place to learn more about the sport, how to get involved, how to support this unique opportunity for high schoolers, and when and where you can see these brave kids practice and compete. You will also find schedules and results of meets here so that there is one central place for people to learn everything they might want to know about New Hampshire High School Ski Jumping!

Please Email us with suggestions for how to make the site better! And send along any pictures or videos you have that you’d like to see included in the photo/video section.


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Save our Ski Jump

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Sep 152015

jumpThe Pemi-Baker School Board has deemed the ski jump at Plymouth Regional High School unsafe and has a quote to tear it down!

We want to explore fixing and maintaining it now and for future jumpers.

By signing this petition, you are simply showing your support for this facility and the critical role it plays in the continued success of the team.

Please note we are NOT asking for any donations at this time.

Thank you for your signature!


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Nov 212014

Attention jumpers, coaches, officials, and fans:

Below is a direct quote from the USA Ski Jumping Team website, please read about this great opportunity and become a member today for FREE!


This year USA Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined is offering official membership to athletes, coaches, officials, and fans for the first time ever. We encourage everyone who has an interest in the sport to express it by joining USASJ/NC! And in this, our inaugural year, we are offering membership for FREE! Just fill out the form below and we will send you your membership package for the 2014/15 season.

The package for parents, fans and volunteers includes

  • 2014/15 USASJ/NC member 3” magnet
  • Subscription to the 2014 USASJ/NC Story Project
  • Livestream access to webcast US Cup Events
  • Opportunity to order through the USASJ/NC equipment pool

The package for athletes & coaches includes

  • 2014/15 USASJ/NC Merit Stickers (96) to record “bagged” hills, distance landmarks, and personal records
  • 2014/15 Flight Log training manual
  • Invitations to all US Cup and US Cup Jr Series
  • Access to coaches’ training package

Don’t miss out, Click HERE to join.

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Jan 272014

Sochi 2014 Company OlympicsOutside Magazine recently posted an article on the upcoming historic inclusion of Women’s Ski Jumping in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, focusing largely on Lindsey Van and New Hampshire native Sarah Hendrickson.

Read up on the story of how Lindsey and others fought hard to get the sport into the Sochi games, and get some insight into the sport as a whole, what the athletes go through, and how Sarah battled injuries just to make it onto the 2014 US Olympic Team.

Click to read the full article at OutsideOnline.com.

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Jan 222014

The Gunstock Nordic Association in conjunction with Gunstock Mountain Historical Preservation Society and the Gunstock Mountain Resort have all teamed together and are working very hard at restoring the Gunstock ski jumps. Those supporting the restoration program are eager to see participation from the surrounding local community of ski jumpers.

Gunstock Ski Jumps

Right now Gunstock has one event scheduled for 2014, this coming Saturday, January 25th and they are trying to get as much participation from the local ski jump clubs and high schools as possible. Local media coverage is scheduled to be on hand to cover the event. Right now Gunstock only has the 10 meter jump open (it’s actually more like a 15 meter jump), along with a small 5 meter jump for the younger children.

In the Spring the plan is to restore the 20 meter hill and then at later dates the 40 meter and 70 meter hills. I am asking all High School coaches and Outing Club coaches to please share with your athletes the information regarding this Saturday’s event and to encourage their participation and support. This will be a Nordic Combined event. Athletes can do both or just jump. Details below.

Gunstock Ski Jumps

  • Saturday, January 25, 2013
  • 9:00 AM registration – 10:30 AM Ski Jump Event and Nordic Race to follow
  • Registration Fee: $10.00

Jump Directions: As you drive down road towards Gunstock Alpine area there is a brown Nordic building on the right, turn down the road right after the Nordic building and it will bring you to the jumps.

Thank you in advance for your support. This special announcement comes to you from Kathleen Doyle.

For more information on the historic restoration of the Gunstock Ski Jumps, visit historicgunstock.org/ski.html

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Jan 132014

Anyone involved with Ski Jumping in New Hampshire quickly becomes familiar with the fantastic facility that is the Blackwater Ski Area in Andover, home to the Andover Outing Club and Proctor Academy’s ski teams. It was there that Nick Fairall began to develop his passion and his skills on jumping skis and he is now headed to Sochi, Russia to represent the United States in Ski Jumping! Read more about his journey in the article published recently by WMUR.

This Olympics is especially exciting for ski jumpers because of the first-ever inclusion of a women’s team! Learn more about them here, or visit the US men’s team page here.


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Nov 182013

New Hampshire Magazine published a great article written in 2012 and published in January 2013. If you missed it, it has some excellent photography, interviews with jumpers and coaches, and gives the reader some perspective on how lucky we are to jump here in New Hampshire as a sanctioned school sport.


Written by Joseph Foote, a ski jumper himself, this article is a must-read, whether you’re involved in the sport or just looking for a good story.

In case the links above don’t work for you, here’s the full address here to copy and paste into your browser’s address bar:




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Feb 162013

The Concord team hosted a great event at Proctor’s facility on Friday night, and the jumpers put on quite a show for the crowd! The weather was perfect for the meet, cold enough to keep the snow firm but warm enough to make it comfortable for everyone to spend an evening on the hill.

A big thank you to everyone who made the meet run smoothly, from the Proctor Ski Area staff, to all the coaches who manicure the jump and make it safe for the competitors, to the distance markers, judges, and all the parents, friends, and fans who came to cheer on the athletes in this unique sporting event.

The awards were won by the slimmest of margins last night, with just 10.5 team points separating first from third, and FOUR individual points separating first place from tenth! The tight individual results had everyone on their  toes, with several ties for both girls and boys, making for an unusual awards ceremony: r0ck-paper-scissors decided in multiple instances who got to take the medal home for the night, while of course more medals will be ordered and given to everyone who earned one.

The final overall team results put Hanover on top, Plymouth in second, Hopkinton in third, Kennett fourth, followed by Sunapee, then Concord. Bishop Brady’s lone jumper edged out Derryfield’s to round out the overall results for the night.

Congratulations to Hanover for their winning performance last night, and to all the jumpers and coaches for an exciting, closely contested event!

Awards were also given for Nordic Combined and Skimeister, which honor skiers who excel in multiple disciplines. Nordic Combined includes the Nordic skate event with jumping, while Skimeister includes alpine, nordic, and jumping. Visit the results page for complete results from the championships.


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Feb 072013

The State Championship meet will be held Friday, February 15 at Proctor Academy’s Blackwater Ski Area at 6:00 pm.

Spectators and volunteers are encouraged to come and cheer on New Hampshire’s best jumpers on Friday night, with the top six from each team competing for glory on the K-38. The staff at Proctor’s Blackwater hill have been working hard to keep the jumps open with what little snow we’ve had, supplemented heavily by their snowmaking system. This weekend’s snowstorm should bring some much-needed natural snow to the hill and should make for excellent conditions for the meet on Friday.

proctor academy blackwater ski area jumps

Need directions to the hill? Click here or here for directions to Proctor’s excellent facility in Andover, NH.

Jumpers will also be competing for ranking in SkiMeister (those who compete in nordic, alpine, and jumping), Gene Ross Award (most improved Freshman jumper), and Nordic Combined (nordic skate and jupming) categories.

Come watch the action Friday the 15th at 6:00!

Volunteers are always needed to help make our meets run smoothly, just ask any of the coaches how you can help, we appreciate it!

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Jan 282013

This week’s meet will be hosted by Hanover High School at the Storrs Pond / Oak Hill area. Weather permitting, both the 32 and 20 meter jumps will be open to competitors. The meet is scheduled for Wednesday at 6:00pm. However, due to the extremely warm temperatures (50!) forecast for Wednesday, the meet may be held on Tuesday night. Check back to find out!

UPDATE: The meet will be held Tuesday, January 29 @ 6pm due to the very warm forecast for Wednesday. Thanks for your support!

hanover ski jump - oak hill

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